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Raised : AED 2,001,170

"Solidarity Initiative"

The initiative aims to collect contributions to assist those impacted by the recent severe weather conditions in Dubai.

IACAD contributes 2,000,000 AED toward Solidarity Initiative

"Our involvement in the 'Solidarity Initiative' demonstrates our commitment to aiding those affected by the recent rain. We encourage all to contribute, strengthening our ability to support with resilience." - Ahmed Darwish Al Muhairi

AED 7,000,000 Raised of AED 7,000,000

Providing maintenance to number of affected houses

“ We are proud at Imdaad Group to announce our unwavering commitment to the 'solidarity initiative' aimed at assisting houses and facilities affected by the recent rain and floods in Dubai. Our organization stands ready to contribute resources, manpower, and expertise to ensure that those affected receive the support they require “ - Abdulatif Al Mulla

AWQAF Dubai contributes 3 Million AED toward Solidarity Initiative

We are pleased to be a supporter of Jood Platform, which reflects the principle of cooperation between the entities and individuals, through a sustainable digital system for social development, in which the efforts of various parties are integrated to improve the quality life, and achieve the goals of Dubai Social Agenda (33) - Ali AlMuttawa

AED 3,000,000 Raised of AED 3,000,000

Al Nasr 1945 store return for May 2024 toward Solidarity Initiative

”Al Nasr Sports Club confirms its compliance with the directives of the Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council, through participation in this distinguished social initiative by allocating all proceeds from the Al Nasr 1945 store for the month of May 2024 in favor of the "JOOD" platform in Dubai, This is done in the framework of the club's social responsibility and keenness to actively participate in social initiatives, charitable and humanitarian work”. -Marwan bin Ghalita

Wasl Club Contributes Ticket Sales Return to Solidarity Initiative

“Contributing to the Solidarity Initiative through Platform, is a genuine activation of the humanitarian community role that Al Wasl Sports Club is based on, supported by its large audience, always sponsoring community initiatives”. -Ahmed Mohammed Bin Shafar

AED 93,290 Raised of AED 93,290

Donate via SMS

For Du or Etisalat customers, you can donate via SMS message "JOOD"

SMS Code Donation Value
7759 AED 100
7706 AED 50
7775 AED 10
7772 AED 5

10 dirhams received. Jood thanks you for your donation.