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About Us

Jood enables the limitless generosity of Dubai community to make an impact where it is mostly needed

Our Vision

Dubai is a global model of solidarity and charitable and humanitarian giving


Jood was established in line with the objectives of the Dubai Social Agenda 33, to serve as a reliable reference destination for individuals and organizations interested in contributing to humanitarian, charitable, and developmental initiatives in Dubai. Its primary objective is to foster a culture of generosity and human solidarity, while encouraging both individuals and institutions to engage in charitable endeavors that bolster comprehensive and sustainable human development efforts.

Joud platform is characterized by its user-friendly design, offering a straight forward method for electronic donations, including both cash and in-kind contributions. Furthermore, the platform offers comprehensive and reliable information about initiatives available in Dubai, allowing interested parties to access real-time updates on projects, their objectives, and the impact they achieve. The platform ensures that all initiatives align with the priorities and objectives set by the Dubai government to support community and humanitarian development.

In addition to showcasing existing initiatives and campaigns, as well as collaborating with stakeholders in these domains, the platform fosters an environment that promotes cooperation and interaction among the local community, non-profit organizations, and individuals interested in social and humanitarian development worldwide. It also encourages and supports the enhancement of social responsibility for individuals, companies, and charitable investments, making it an opportunity for all of us to contribute to

Our Mission

Jood is a reliable community platform for those willing to contribute in

Our Goal

Sustaining benefit in various fields to establish a decent life and empower individuals and communities without discrimination

Jood focuses on giving opportunities that support the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable human development goals, in accordance with the unique model that characterizes the UAE’s vision of charitable and humanitarian work, which is not limited to extending a helping hand to those in need, but rather follows a development approach that ensures the sustainability of benefit. Communities benefiting from aid, and supports development projects in various vital fields that together contribute in assuring a decent life, including: education and knowledge, health care, empowering communities, and other aspects of sustainable support, without discrimination. This approach is consistent with the goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda agreed upon by the member states of the United Nations, and with the development programs and priorities and our national vision “We the UAE 2031.”


Encouraging participation

Activate a community of changemakers and make a difference by enabling a culture of seamless, confident giving.


Social solidarity

Unite our compassionate community, fostering empathy and collective action to create a brighter future for all.


Achieving transparency

Modelling complete transparency in charitable donations, ensuring your contributions have a direct and measurable impact on the causes you care about.


Developing social sector

Empowering the social sector by supporting innovative projects, fostering collaboration, and driving sustainable change through our philanthropic platform.

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